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Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Rise of the 99% or The Rise of the Human Microphone Waves, a book of poetry on OccupyWallStreet Movement

Purchase a PDF copy of "The Wall Street's Human Microphone Waves" Poetry and Song Lyrics Book for $5.00 now

Here is a sample of this poetry book:

This poem was written by the author of "...Soaring on Wings Like Eagles..," "Freedom Rides to sweet Magnolia..,"

A Dream Deferred
Debt is slavery!
Its yoke the 99% is ready to break once for all
People not Profits! Down with Corporate Greed!
Remember the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP)!
Listen to the voice of the people on the streets
Why have you refused to help us
It is your turn to step up to the plate
Bankers, pay back your debt to the tax payers
And to the millions of families who do not want to be foreclosed on
Homelessness is inhumane
Joblessness can lead to all kinds of vices and temptations
Let us reclaim our voice and ‘hood from Wall Street to Detroit,
From the favelas of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo to India
These hill-side shantytowns are no better than the ghettos
Of Detroit, Cleveland, and Chicago
The wilderness is reclaiming the land; inhabitants are fleeing the physical degradation
They are making their last stand against economic injustice
The 99% has had enough. Main Street is asking Wall Street to repay its debts
Who is out there to listen to their cry of agony and humiliation?
We are getting on the economic freedom rides
Help us get free from debt, foreclosure. Give hope to our young and educated children
Help us! Help! Help! We are drowning in the filth on the streets!
Won’t you come down from your highrise to witness the misery we are vegetating in?
We are cold and hungry. Do not let the human voice¸ the human microphone disappear

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Sunday, March 06, 2011

New York Fashion Industry, New York's Hot Designers, Tyra Banks TypeF Beauty and Fashion Advice

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

2009 Miss America Photos; Hot Hollywood Fashion by Shakira, Ashley Judd, JLO, Michelle Obama, Isabel Toledo, Jason Wu etc

See More of Michelle Obama's Gowns and Dresses and Hollywood Stars' wardrobe:

Get more balls and hot fashion at http://podshoppingblog.com/moviechannel/oscarnom.html

Hot First Lady Fashion and The Michelle Obama Balls Gowns and Dresses: http://podshoppingblog.com/fhm.html

See More of Michelle Obama's Gowns and Dresses and Hollywood Stars' wardrobe:

Get more balls and hot fashion at http://podshoppingblog.com/moviechannel/oscarnom.html

Hot First Lady Fashion and The Michelle Obama Balls Gowns and Dresses: http://podshoppingblog.com/fhm.html

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Michelle Obama's Balls: Hot Dresses and Gowns of 2009 Worn by Hollywood Celebrities and Others

See More of Michelle Obama's Gowns and Dresses and Hollywood Stars' wardrobe:

Get more balls and hot fashion at http://podshoppingblog.com/moviechannel/oscarnom.html

Hot First Lady Fashion and The Michelle Obama Balls Gowns and Dresses: http://podshoppingblog.com/fhm.html

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Everyone Wants to Take A Bite Out of the Big Apple: This Past Summer, I took Mine

New York is a very exciting place. It appeals to all the senses. There is so much to see, hear, taste, do/shop for, travel to, touch and admire that a visitor can spend the whole year just having fun. Still he/she would find that it is not enough time to see and participate in the monuments, restaurants, museums and special events, shopping and transportation tours of subways etc.

I went to New York this past Summer from Boston, Massachussets. What is clear is that New York is a diverse place. Its diversity is unmatched. From the people and the communities to the accommodations and attractions, there is nothing like the Big Apple. I traveled to New York by Bus. I took a bus from Boston Port Authority to New York Port Authority. If you are not careful, you can get lost right there. The first thing you will notice as you step out of the Port is the sea of people who are going up, across and down. Food, traffic, skycraper and neons are everywhere. On every corner you turn, you will find a restaurant. Sometimes, you will run into various ethnic cuisines. After all, ethnic groups make New York what it is today. Officially, the City has nearly 18,00 restaurants. I do not think anybody will ever know how many eateries that exist there. Some of the big-named restaurants are Tavern on the Green, 21 Club, Four Seasons and Broadway-favorite Sardi's. You will find a lot of foodies in what New Yorkers are calling "restaurant row." Since it was my first trip to New York, I somewhat lucked out because I sat next to a young CBS technician from Boston. He started giving me a tour of the city from the bus. We talked about some of the common things we have interests in. The love of music and adventure traveling existed for both of us. The native Bostonian who went to school and is working in New York did not hesitate to show me around after we got off the bus at the Port Authority. He made sure to take me to some of the hottest restaurants in town. He said they are located above the popular Meatpacking District.

What else can one do in New York?

Vibrand and bright, Broadway is all I have read about. Some of the hit shows that draw a lot of people are: The Producers, The Lion King, Hairspray, Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Disney's Tarzan, the Odd Couple, Jersey Boys, Musicals such as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang etc. I had the chance to visit the Metropolitan Museum of ARt, The Guggeheim, The Whitney and the Museum of Modern Art, the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. I also attended some concerts in the park and in Washington Square. You can shop until you drop. New York was made for shoppers. It is the best and most expensive place to shop too. Shopping at New York's Macy's, Tiffany's, Bloomindale's and Saks Fifth Avenue is a common thing to do for every vacationer. If you want to buy great souvenirs, you want to go to these places. If you want to save, you want to shop at the curb shops. There are as many shopping options as there are people to think and create them in New York. Each shop owner is more determined than the last one to prevent you from leaving his/her store without having a good deal or closing the deal. Go to Soho to shop at these original boutiques of mega fashion designers. If you want to shop in New York and have the time to go with it, you can find anything from anywhere in the world. My friend took me to Henri Bendel's and Barney's. Then we visited the Rockerfeller building where NBC studios are headquartered. I visited the NBC shop to buy some souvenirs and ended up chatting with the clerks who commented about my California accent. They do have a New York accent. I could not leave for the day without visiting one of the newest shopping destinations in New York. The Shops at Columbus Circle in the Time Warner Center has more than 40 shops and restaurants.

How do you get around in New York? No Worry, Be Happy!

Keep in mind that things appear to be very close in New York. If you are healthy, you can walk your way around. If you do not want to walk, you can always take a cab. New York is famous for its taxi drivers. Soon, you will be comfortable with the Subway system. That is the easiest way to travel in the city. You will notice that everybody rides the subway. It is the most efficient and fastest way of traveling in New York. No matter what you do, make sure to visit these classic centers of attraction. Keep in mind that New York is a city that has many landmarks. Visit the Empire State Building which is one of the most prominent monuments in the city. Ferry trips to the Statue of Liberty Island have been running. You can visit Liberty Island and the museum inside the base of the statue. A trip to Liberty Island will take you to Ellis Island which is a monument to all immigrants seeking freedom and rights. Do not leave New York without visiting Manhattan's Times Square which will stimulate all your senses. It is a marvel of neon and lights that all living creatures like. Visit the jungle in the heart of the city, Central Park with its acres of grass, trees and other greenery. It is the favorite recreation and relaxation areas in the city. Finally, the site where the World Trade Center stood is being redesigned as a memorial park as well as a proposed Freedom Tower skyscraper that will replace the fallen twin towers. There was not much to see when I visited New York. So my friend said it was better to come back when all the redesigns are over.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

I Love New York, I Love The Big Apple: New York Trip Memories

What comes to mind when you visit New York? When I was in New York lately, I was thinking about shopping, eating at fancy restaurants, visiting Times Square, Broadway, Madison Avenue. Manhattan is the heart of the country's financial district. Visiting Manhattan is a must. I was lucky enough to have a New Yorker as a guide. He was not anybody. He was working for one of the major TV networks. Of course, I had to visit ABC, NBC studios and shop at their souvenir shops. Walking the streets of New York will bring you in contact with the traders, models, regular workers, street workers, peddlers, financiers, marketers, businesspeople, workers etc. It is a great city to visit. Find more travel accounts and pictures at US and European Travels, Caribbean & Latin American Travels or Travel Photo and Video I and II

Thursday, December 29, 2005

From Maytag to Whirlpool: Where You Can Get Your Washers & Dryers

Companies Do Not Last For Ever Any Longer: Maytag as part of Whirlpool Now

Podshoppingblog Helps You Shop

It is hard to let go, but the retirees and current employees of Maytag have finally realized that their beloved company is no more. If it exists, it will do so a wholly owned subsidiary of Whirlpool. It will not exist as a company any longer. The shareholders of Maytag agreed to let go of the reins of the company for $1.79 billion in cash and stock. Founded in 1893 by Fred Maytag, Maytag was a farmer's tool company. Mr. Maytag introduced a wooden-tub washing machine 14 years later. For 100 years, thanks to the designs of this gentleman, the company has remained a home-appliance leader. Something had to be done to assure continuity, especially when Maytag faces competitions from other brands. Here flies in Whirlpool to its rescue with a huge offer, $1.37 billion. It is clear that Whirlpool really wanted Maytag. It increased its offer three times before Maytag officials agreed to give them a chance. They rejected offers from other other appliance companies such as Haier America and other investors.

As Maytag gets folded into Whirlpool, consumers are already asking whether they will have to pay more as one competitor is out of the game. It will be interesting to find out what is going to happen.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

(Continued from Allpromdresses): Planning for the Early Birds

PromDressesRock.com provides you with more info on gemstones, pearls and other prom jewelries

The Tuxedo:
Well, guys, you have to rent one. Start making your reservation. Go to the store or tux rental business to try on a few tuxedos. Make sure you have a good fit. Remember that if you go to the school prom you can’t take off your clothes off. You may take off your jacket, but you must wear your shirt. No stripping on the dance floor no matter how hot you get. Otherwise, your parents will receive a phone call or you will get thrown out without your prom date.

The Perfect Prom Dress, Purse and Shoes
Hey, mothers and young women, this is bonding time! Your mother will want to pass on to you her great shopping, dress-hunting skills. Listen to her advice even though you already know what you want to buy. After all, you know what’s hip or in style .
AllpromDresses will have a list of all the stores you need to shop at. For example, J.C.
Penney, Marshall Field’s, David’s Bridal and Nordstrom, Gottschalks are some of the stores that may be on your long list. So once again, timing is very important. The earlier you start, the more success you will have. Disappointments will be out of the way. Keep in mind that if you want to buy, you can always make this dress available for rent next prom season. And if you can’t buy, you can rent. Make sure that you go to a store to select your dress. If there’s any tailoring issue, make sure you have an appointment.

More and more women choose to go the rental way just like guys do for their tux. They can wear their dream dress for one night instead of paying up to a $1000.00 on a dress which they will wear for one night. Rental is an option.

The Limo

If you are younger than 18, bring your parents who will sign for you. If not, make sure you know how many people will be part of your group. Limos can fit from 10 to 22 people. Make sure you reserve the right one at least four months ahead of the prom season. You don’t want to run into the case where weddings and other prom competitors get the last limo

Choosing House or Hall Rentals for prom or grad parties

If you are going to throw a party, contact the owner or landlord ahead of time. Usually, they ask for a downpayment. Depending on the rental cost, it can in the thousands of dollars. If you don’t get this prime dance spot, others will in a heartbeat. If your party group can’t come up with the money, try to enlist sponsors ahead of time. This way, you will be able to deliver better.

Remember that your parents are usually on this with you. That’s their chore! Maybe, all you will need is a tent with some decorations. If you are thinking about having lots of children around, try to keep them busy.

The Flowers

They are very integral parts of the celebration. Contact a florist to make sure you get the roses, daisies and other kinds of flowers you want. Roses will last longer, based on my experience. Remember that prom and wedding seasons arrive at about the same time. Florists, beauticians and other specialists you need may be very busy. So the earlier you start, the better!

Tanning, Hair, Makeup and Nails

Decide where you are going to have them done. You want to look great from head to toe. Your makeup should be perfect in order to have the best pics possible. Tanning is becoming more and more common. If there’s no need for it, you don’t have to go to a tanning salon.

Pick a date and send out the invites
Send out the invites and request R.S.V.Ps. You will need to start planning how much food, beverages and seating you will need. In the invites, include date, direction, time, name of the lucky prom person, the host and type of entertainment. Include an e-mail address just in case somebody wants to sponsor your kid. Businesses are known to participate for advertising purposes. If they want to show their brand, they need to pay up.

Jewelry, prom rings, bracelets, chains and pearls:

Besides the dress, shoes, limo, food and beverages, you need the right pieces of jewelry for the occasion. You and your parents can find the best deals in jewelry on the Web. PearlParadise has a large variety of pearls you can select from. If you don’t know much about the quality of pearls, the site will teach you. After all, PearlParadise wants you to make informed decisions and have great deals. With this company, the price is always right. Based in Santa Monica, California, Pearl Paradise, has been in the business of making consumers happy. Take a look at its showroom, you will see a lot of very important consumers who make the trek to the showroom to buy or browse its prized inventory.

Jeremy Shepherd is a buyer’s guy. He prices his pearls so you can purchase them. He buys directly from the farms which he monitors. When I spoke with during the writing of this feature, he was traveling in Asia. Jeremy Shepherd cuts the middleman out in order to be able to offer you the best possible prices. “Jeremy visited Asia more than two hundred times, eagerly learning everything there was to know about pearls. He studied their cultivation process from beginning to end, and developed friendships with the people who farmed them.” Remember that pearls are gemstones that are unique in that they are natural, organic products of living creatures. Their luster gets enhanced over time. At PearlParadise.com, customer service is provided in various languages: Spanish, French and other Asian languages. Jeremy Shepherd himself speaks a slew of them and puts himself at your service.

For your rings, bracelets and chains, you can check out ShopnowshopJewelry for some recommendations. CaptivationJewelry has everything you need to look fabulous on this special day.

Prom Cakes and Caterers

Feel free to contact other parents and friends who had some good experience with caterers and cake makers. You don’t want to take chances on such a special day. UtahCakes.com usually comes to mind. They have a huge selection of cakes you can select from. You can at least get some inspiration there. Get the price from different vendors. If needs be, taste their foods and cakes. You don’t want any disappointments on prom night. You should ask for samples of their offerings.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Leopard Skirt by Shelli Segal, Gossmar, Boy Leg Panty, Under Wire Bra

Here's a list of top gift ideas for this holiday season!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Professional Women Who Dress To Kill: It was the Season of Elegant, Strap or Strapless Dresses & Cleavage!

Powerful Women Who Have It Their Way: A Dress As a Fashion Statement

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Tyson, The Face of Big-Time Modeling: Fashion That Turns Heads

Friday, September 30, 2005

When Destiny's Child Breaks Up, Beyonce Should Go Into Fashion

The Destiny's Child ladies should borrow a few pages from Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani and many others. The group has already made great strides with their fashion statements. There's no doubt that it would be easy for each member of the group to consider designing. We, the mass, are waiting to shop. Personally, I think Beyonce has a great sense for fashion. The Hilton sisters have done it. Venus and Serena Williams have done it. Why not Beyonce?

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